IRS Dirty Dozen of 2015

IRS Dirty DozenThe IRS has released its 2015 Dirty Dozen list of the most popular tax fraud and scams methods currently used by the tax criminals. According to this list, which is available on the IRS website, aggressive phone calls from so-called IRS collection agents continue to be a problem across the nation. The IRS receives reports from American taxpayers stating that tax scammers threatened them with deportation, police arrest, and license revocation. It is important to remember that the IRS officials never request a full payment of the past due taxes over the phone. If you owe taxes to the IRS, you will be notified about this liability via mail that will have valid contact information for the IRS office that is currently assigned to your case.

Phishing is another form of criminal activity that is designed to steal people’s personal information by using emails or websites. This information can then be used by the tax criminals to prepare fake returns on someone’s behalf and to collect fraudulent refunds.

Another tax fraud-related problem involves dishonest tax return preparers, who promise taxpayers they can save money on taxes, which they pretend to do by requesting illegal refunds. By the time the IRS finds out about the fraud, the taxpayer usually cannot locate his or her return preparer.

In addition, the IRS reminded all taxpayers about their obligation to report their property and/or bank accounts located abroad to avoid criminal prosecution and significant penalties. The Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program is the IRS tool that is designed to assist those who failed to provide this information and pay all associated fees on time.

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