About 20/20 Tax Resolution

Every year tax scams become more and more sophisticated. They are often very difficult to recognize for a regular taxpayer, especially for someone who does not have any experience discussing tax problems with the IRS. Therefore, it is important to stay updated on the most recent tax fraud methods to make sure you don’t become a victim of this crime.

20/20 Tax Resolution20/20 Tax Resolution, Inc. is a firm that helps taxpayers to take care of their tax problems. We represent our clients before the IRS and State Departments of Revenue. We usually start from requesting a complete and detailed information about our client’s case and negotiate a hold on all collection activities to give a taxpayer enough time to come up with a manageable repayment method, if our client can afford it. The next step is to analyze a taxpayer’s financial situation and negotiate tax debt settlement with the IRS or State Department of Revenue.

As you can see, our practice requires constant communication with the IRS and states on behalf of our clients. As tax resolution experts with many years of experience, we can easily determine if a notice mailed to a taxpayer was sent by the IRS or created by a tax scammer. Even if you are not our client, but don’t feel comfortable calling the IRS, we still encourage you to contact us if you suspected any unlawful activity. We provide free consultations and will be happy to give you a legal advice.

This site was created to keep you updated with the information about the new tax scam schemes and recent changes introduced by the federal and state taxing authorities to protect American taxpayers.