North Carolina Phone Scammers Collected 100K from Taxpayers

North Carolina Tax ScamThe Attorney General of North Carolina asks taxpayers not to respond to the telephone scammers that have already collected over $100,000 from the state’s residents. The scammers use an old, well-known technique – introduce themselves as the IRS Officers and request payments of the tax debt over the phone. If a taxpayer doesn’t pick up the phone, the scammer leaves a message, in which he threatens to issue a warrant to arrest the taxpayer he is trying to contact, and to “take this matter to the federal claim courthouse”. The caller then offers to discuss this matter before going ahead with all actions mentioned above, if the taxpayer calls him back. Continue reading

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Alabama Tax Phone Scam

Alabama Tax ScamThe Alabama State Department of Revenue is warning its taxpayers about an increased incidence of tax-related scam phone calls that surprisingly come from the New York area code. The person on the phone tells people that they owe taxes to the state of Alabama and insists that this liability is satisfied immediately – same old trick that the IRS already reported. However, tax criminals are still out there, they just switched to the state level now. Continue reading

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IRS and Tax-Related Crime: It Is Not Over Yet

Tax ScamsThe Internal Revenue Service Commissioner, John Koskinen, announced an improvement in dealing with the identity theft and consequent tax fraud at the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants National Tax Conference, which was held in Washington, DC in November 2014. However, this issue, which exploded in 2010 – 2012, still remains a significant problem. According to Mr. Koskinen the IRS eliminated the majority of amateurs, but still needs to deal with organized crime. Continue reading

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Was It the IRS Who Just Called You?

Telephone Tax ScamsOn October 31, 2014 the IRS once again warned all American taxpayers about continuous aggressive tax-related phone scams. The Service posted a new YouTube video, emphasizing the importance of being very careful to avoid becoming a victim of this crime. Continue reading

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Three Sentenced for Fraudulent Tax Refunds

Fraudulent Tax RefundsAccording to the Criminal Investigation Unit of the IRS located in the St Paul office in Minnesota, Yossimar Alarcon-Patino is going to be sentenced on October 7, 2014 following a plea in conspiracy and money laundering. Two other individuals, Maria Teresita Alvarez-Mateos and Seth Mogollon-Flores, who conspired with Alarcon-Patino in filing fraudulent income tax returns have been already sentenced. Continue reading

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Creative Tax Preparer from Louisiana is Facing 18 Felony Counts

Creative Louisiana Tax PreparerThe very creative approach of Louisiana tax preparer, Mr. Donald Ray Jackson, put him to jail for filing fraudulent tax returns on behalf of his clients. Jackson was one of those tax preparers who guaranteed his customers large tax refunds. His scheme included fabrication of false business expenses that he claimed on taxpayer’s returns. As a result, the state of Louisiana paid off $325,000 in refunds to Jackson’s clients, according to Continue reading

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Dishonest Tax Preparers – Embarrassment for the Profession

Dishonest Tax PreparersThese days, it is not unusual to hear stories about stolen identities and false tax returns filed by criminals on someone’s behalf. We all try to be careful and protect our personal information as much as possible. However, tax fraud still happens, and problems sometimes come from where you least expect them. Recent tax crime cases from Ohio and Michigan have attracted everybody’s attention mostly because the convicted individuals in these cases were tax return preparers, trusted by their clients. Continue reading

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